Jaya Tehnik Perkasa

Paving Dyes

Sell Paving Block Coloring. Jaya Tehnik Perkasa, a supplier that sells paving dyes of various colors at competitive prices. Paving dyes that have excellent properties against alkalis, are resistant to UV rays, and against sunlight. In addition to the interior, its use is also on the exterior walls.Paving dye application:- paving blocks- tiles- Concrete brick- complements the decoration of cliffs in the pool- porch muralColored paving can usually be found function as road markings, directions at intersections, etc.We sell paving block dyes in various types of colors ranging from yellow, red, green, blue, brown, and other colors. You can also request certain colors according to your taste. Please contact us now for paving dyes for your needs.

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